Take With You

While we recognize that each individual’s camping/riding/hiking ditty will be different, we’ll share some of these suggested items, keeping in mind that pack trips require MINIMAL gear.

will be sign when the visitor arriving to Creel and before go for a ride.

? Passport, original birth certificate, or photo ID (driver’s license or voter’s registration card)
? Travelers’ checks, U.S. monies and/or pesos (exchange available in Creel). Credit cards are rarely accepted in Creel; there is, however, an ATM in Creel for traveler’s convenience
? Hat
? Sun block
? Water bottles (fanny pack best option)
? Sunglasses
? Lightweight towel
? Disposable towelettes
? Liquid soap
? Notions and potions
? Medications
? Flashlight
? Compact air mattress
? Sleeping bag (we provide a dressing tent; but if you bring your own, keep it light)
? Light rain slicker that can serve as ground cover
? Two of everything ? shirt, pants, skivvies, socks (silk long johns for cold weather)
? Riding boots, or hiking or tennis shoes with good gripping soles
? Gloves
? Warm jacket/wind breaker
? Vest that can hold small items (fishing vests are great!)
? Camera and film, film, film. Sorry, no tri-pods Kleenex or TP
? Pocket-size notebook for journaling
? Pocketknife
? Snacks for the trail (trail mix, jerky, dried fruit, candy, nuts)
? Bathing suit? 

Remember: this is only what we have found to be useful. Please check with us for items you have in question. We must keep the weight humane for our pack animals; (16 pounds maximum of personal gear) and will need to weigh and monitor the gear that your bring.