Bare Bones

Rides for the euro-trikker, the vagabond, the budget-biter, the latter-day beatnik, the student-on-a-scholarship, the penny-pincher and the spontaneous and the shoestring traveller.

Each of the rides offered by El Aventurero is now being offered to anyone who fits the description of an explorer to the Copper Canyons who is less interested in the “poof and frills” of accommodations and fine dining; but is more interested in how far he can stretch his hard-earned peso.


Without El Aventurero booking your accommodations, without El Aventurero providing and preparing your meals, you can still take home the memories of our superlative rides and adventures into the regions of the Copper Canyons for much less than our customary fees. 


How these Bare bones horsback rides operate is like this:
  • You find your way to Creel.
  • You sniff out a hotel, hostel or campground that smiles back at your budget (yes, of course, we?ll offer suggestions).
  • You bring from home your freeze-dried meals, favorite yummies and power bars, or purchase in Creel or along the trail what looks good (again, we?re here to help) and shave off expenses from our original ride package fee.
    We provide cooking supplies and eating utensils and dinnerware. We also supply tents for camping. That?s it! ?

So if this sounds like your cup of Tequila, please contact Norberto at You will find him to be pleasantly accommodating, helpful and enthusiastic about arranging YOUR KIND OF ADVENTURE ON A SHOESTRING. Happy trails and bienvenido a Creel!